Do you have a herniated disc?

  1. Do you have sudden intense low back pain after bending forward?
  2. Pain down the back of the leg that gets worse when you bend forward?
  3. Pain is worse first thing in the morning?
  4. Lower back pain with sitting?
  5. Lower back pain when getting out of a chair?
  6. Doctor order an MRI? Finding of bulge disc, slipped disc or degenerative disc disease?

Don’t Worry!!! Does a herniation lumbar disc heal? YES, It does and responds to conservative therapy with a highly skilled Chiropractor or Physical Therapist in Los Angeles. If you live in the Brentwood, Santa Monica or Sawtelle then be sure to schedule at Dean’s Sports Therapy. Call or Text 323-354-6077

What is a Herniated Disc?

Rupture L4-L5 Disc creating low back pain

A Herniated disc is a painful condition that occurs when in inner 1/3 of the lumbar disc known as the nucleus pulposus is forced through cracks of the hard outer 2/3 known as the annulus fibrosis of the invertebrate disc. This inner 1/3 has a  jelly like substance (nucleus populus) is pushed through those recently created cracks in the disc during movements such as bending forward. This explains why you have lower back pain with bending forward, pain with sitting and difficulty tying your shoes.

Diagnosis of Herniated Disc in Los Angeles?


Method of diagnosis is determined by history, exam findings and special tests such as MRI and CT scans. Word to the wise, an exceptional Chiropractor or Physical therapist shouldn’t need an MRI to confirm a diagnosis of a herniated disc. An in depth physical exam is much more accurate. The false positive rate of MRI is very high! .

I’ll do an entire blog post on the accuracy of lumbar disc MRI in the future.

Position of rest for a painful lumbar nerve root.

Symptoms of Disc bulges, Slipped disc and Herniation

  1. Lower back and pain in buttocks that shoots down legs.
  2. Numbness and tingling in one leg. This is usually the same leg that has pain in the buttocks that shoots down the leg. Numbness occurs in the morning and while sitting.
  3. Muscle weakness in legs.
  4. Heel pain that often confused for Plantar Fasciitis

Remember, herniated discs can be treated without surgery if patient is seen by a highly trained Physical Therapist or Chiropractor.  

Best Treatment for Slipped disc, Bulge Disc and Herniation

As discussed early the inner 1/3 of the disc is forced through fissure in the annulus fibrosis (outer 2/3) and creates pain when bending over, sitting and first thing in the morning. Buttocks pain with shooting pain into leg can also occur.

This all occurs because the humans in sedentary societies, tend to move from the spine rather than the hips.

Pain with Bending Over?

Patient being forward to stretch low
back and hamstrings.

If repetitively bending forward causes pain then a powerful treatment consideration to spend some time moving in the opposite direction. There is an entire field of study associated with repetitive end range loading the joint into a position opposite of the painful motion known as Mckenzie method (MDT) Dr. Dean is training in this approach among many others to help you heal your low back. This approach helps “Seal up the cracks” in the outer disc and begin the healing process.

Mckenzie Method of Treating Painful Lower Back Pain from Slipped Disc.

The prone press up is a common exercise to treat
the lumbar disc without surgery.

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