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Pinched Nerve Treatment Los Angeles

A pinched nerve is the result of mechanical or movement-based compression of a nerve as it interacts most with bones, discs, muscles, but can also get pinched by tendons or ligaments. When the nerve is severely pinched the pressure disrupts the nerve’s function, causing pain, numbness, weakness, or tingling. The most common cause of a pinched nerve is a herniated disc usually involving the sciatic nerve

Most common nerves that are severely pinched:

  • Spinal nerves (Lumbar and Cervical Nerves)
  • Sciatica nerve (Sciatica)
  • Ulnar nerve (Golfers Elbow)
  • Median Nerve (Carpal Tunnel)
  • Radial Nerve (Tennis Elbow)

When a nerve becomes severely pinched it’s unable to properly regulate its blood flow with the blood coming in becoming blocked like water at a dam by a herniated disc or dynamically pinched by tendons or ligaments.  It begins to swell and is compressed by the external pressure (disc) and then the nerve is compressed from within from internal pressures (blood flow). If mild this irritates the nerve, and if the nerve is severely pinched, then it’s damaged.

How do you fix a pinched nerve?

Pinched nerve treatment is actually rather simple in explanation, but takes a highly diversified trained clinician to properly execute. The steps are as follows:

  • Identify which nerve is compressed (spinal nerves or peripheral nerves)
  • Determine which physical structure is compressing or increasing pressure which disrupts the nerves function, causing pain
  • Unloading techniques (structural or functional) for the involved nerve (usually spinal nerve).
  • Decompress the nerve by releasing the fascia, muscles, tendons, or ligaments surrounding the compressed nerve
  • Nerve slides to increase the nerves’ ability to slide and glide relative to the site of nerve entrapment.
  • Proper functional and ergonomic exercises to ensure the nerve remains decompressed.


YOU should be able to move the way you’d like to move without experiencing pain. YOU should be able to experience freedom and energy knowing there’s nothing holding back from giving your life 110%. Dr. Dean would like to learn more about your challenges with a quick phone or email before beginning treatment. Contact him today.