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Dr. Dean teaching other Chiropractors continuing education course for low back pain

Top Rated Sports Medicine Doctor

Dean’s Sports Therapy is quickly becoming “the guy” for sports injuries, Chiropractic adjustments, disc herniation treatment, and pinched nerve pain in the west Los Angeles area. He has been in business since 2014 and recently relocated to Wilshire Blvd after spending 14 months abroad working with professional runners. His Motto is “Results Matter”, because  he prides himself on quickly finding, eliminating and rehabilitating the sports injury/painful joint that is hindering you from doing what you love! Once the pain is eliminated he can help design a strength training program to ensure that it doesn’t come back! It’s like a one stop shop for  finding, diagnosing, fixing and preventing the problem all under one roof! This clinic is much more than your typical Chiropractor, but also referred to as  Sports Medicine Clinic, Sports Medicine Physician, and rehabilitation center. Regardless of the name you choose to tell your friends about, you can rely on receiving a well rounded and personalized treatment to optimize results. There are no chiropractic assistant or physical therapy aides.  One hundred percent of the treatment time is spend with Dr. Dean himself!

As an educator and lifelong learner Dr. Dean spends considerable amount of his free time being trained in the most up to date and scientifically backed treatments approaches from all corners of the globe. This includes eliminating nerve pain, sports injuries assessment, treatments, fascial release techniques, European osteopathic approaches etc.

You can trust that you will receive exceptional sports chiropractic care and rehabilitation at Dean’s Sports Therapy. If you are experiencing pain in any region of your body that is keeping you from doing what you love, competing on the field/court, or moving around comfortably, please call Dean’s Sports Therapy to schedule a consultation to design your personalized treatment today.  Online consultations are available as well.

Former Chinese National Team Sports Medicine Doctor

Dr. Dean spend all of 2017 living in Shanghai, China. While there he was able to work with many Olympic and National level athletes in Track & Field, Basketball, Olympic lifting, soccer and golfers. His responsibilities included gait analysis for runners, movement assessments, rehabilitation of injuries such as ACL Tears, runners knee, low back pain from disc herniations, sprained ankles and even headaches! All together he was responsible for roughly 30 national champions and Olympic medalist. Other teams worked with include the Canadian National Track & Field Team, Nigerian National Soccer Team, Phillipines Nation Track and Field Team and The Seattle Reign Professional women’s soccer team.

Olympic lifter demonstating low back pain with clean and jerk.
Dr. Dean at Chinese Olympic Training Center

Disc Herniation Relief

Dr. Dean has spent most of his professional career dealing with hard to treat Disc herniations. He has been trained by several thought leaders related to low back pain including Phillip Snell, Stuart Mcgill, Peter O’Sullivan and Micheal Shacklock.  Dean’s Sports Therapy  is now serving the West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Santa Monica area to quickly teach you what’s causing the problem, how to fix it and get you back to the things you love to do ASAP! One example is lower left back pain that makes sitting painful, mornings unbearable and tying your shoes nearly impossible. Check out the case study linked above to see how much better you can feel in just the first visit!

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