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Severe Low Back Pain Treatment Without Visiting The Emergency Room. Sciatica Relieved 99% {Watch Video}

Have you ever woken up in the morning to intense lower back pain?

Of course you have…

After pounding the ibuprofen with little effect most people make a visit to the emergency room.

Then what happens? More anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxers (often doesn’t help) and then you’re told it should pass in a week or two..

This case shows that conservative management by a highly trained Chiropractor or Physical Therapist should be the first choice treatment without the presence of red flags.

So to put it simply… I can help you.

1st Treatment Results!

Sciatica Pain Relief
Low Back Pain Relief
Why consider the emergency room when emergency Chiropractic can be cheaper and more effective for severe low back pain or sciatica?

What will Urgent Care Do for Back Pain and Sciatica?

According to governmental studies Severe Low back pain has been shown to be in the top five presenting complaint in the emergency department

The standard treatment options for severe low back pain and sciatica that you will receive at Urgent Care are listed below.

  1. Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Meds (NSAIDs) aka Asprin
  2. Muscle Relaxers such as Flexeril
  3. Opiods
  4. Watchful waiting for a few days. AKA ( just give it time..)

Watch the video below produced by The New York Times. The video highlights the American Opioid Epidemic and how it’s a lousy choice to manage these common diagnoses.  The rest on the list have only a short term value, but fail to educate patients properly on the cause of unexplained sharp knife in the back that makes it difficult to stand up!

Is visiting the Emergency room a logical first choice for severe low back pain?

I know what you’re thinking…

Person Waking up in the Morning with Severe Sharp Pain in the Lower Back that requires them to go to urgent care
Person with Severe Lower back pain


I woke up in the morning with explosive, life altering low back pain with associated pain down the back of the leg.

You try and get out of bed, but a sharp knife stabs the low back where it meets your pelvis. The pain is so intense that something must be terribly wrong?

So in your panic you decide that the emergency room is the best option.

I’m not sure that you’re pocket book agrees after the agonizing hour in the waiting room, a pocket full of NSAIDS and the “take it easy” advice.

According to the  National Institute of Health  put the median cost at $1,233 for emergency room visits. That’s just one visit!

The patient showed in the first video paid less than $200 for his first visit.

His total out of pocket expenses was less than $750 total!

Urgent Care One Time Cost
1st Visit with Emergency Chiropractor