Runner’s Knee Treatment: Stop Your Knee Pain

Runner’s Knee Treatment: Female Runner’s, Male Runner’s and treatment suggestions

Runner’s knee is a common painful condition that can stop a runner in their tracks, especially if you have a big race coming up such as the Los Angeles marathon. Runner’s knee is a general term used to describe knee pain that occurs while running. Male runner’s tend to have pain directly over the knee cap and female runner’s tend to have pain over the inner knee and thigh. Regardless of exact knee pain location it’s common to receive a broad diagnosis of Runner’s knee, you know…because you’re a runner.

How to Fix Runner’s Knee?

Despite the name, fixing runner’s knee involves more than just knee pain specific treatments and straps to support the knee are not the answer! The knee is a simple hinge joint that bends into flexion and extension during running. The majority of the force that travels up the leg has to be controlled and directed by the foot, ankle and hips. If any of these joints lack proper mobility or stability, then it’s common for the knee to become painful. Think about where a stick would break if it’s bent far enough.

There the initial treatment needs to consist of:

  • Gait analysis to assess hips, feet and ankles
  • Orthopedic examination of all joints of the lower spine and legs
  • In depth local examination of knee to determine pain generator

Typical Runner’s Knee causes

There are several structures in the knee that can become painful from the repetitive stress of running and training for an event such as a Marathon.

  1. Chondromalacia patella: Softening of the under surface of the knee cap
  2. Patella- Femoral Malalignment- Poor controlled internal rotation of the femur that slams the patella towards the outer leg (laterally) creating knee pain.
  3. Iliotibial Band Syndrome- Thick connective tissue band on the outside of thigh that supports the entire body from following over during single leg stance. (extremely rare and absurdly over diagnosed)
  4. Femoral Nerve Pain- Repetitive quick stretches of this nerve due to poor running mechanics makes the nerve become painful during running. This pain is enough to stop any runner in their tracks. (easily fixed)
  5. Saphenous Nerve Entrapment: Small sensory nerves on that supply skin sensation on of inner knee. When a runner has poor control of the leg on impact the knee collapsed inwards and overtime this nerves become entrapped with the fascia as scar tissue is created to limit this motion. (most common cause of knee pain in runners)


YOU should be able to move the way you’d like to move without experiencing pain. YOU should be able to experience freedom and energy knowing there’s nothing holding back from giving your life 110%. Dr. Dean would like to learn more about your challenges with a quick phone or email before beginning treatment. Contact him today.