Midfoot Sprain: Foot Sprain and Lisfranc

Midfoot Sprain: Lisfranc Sprain, a Common Foot Sprain or Foot Injury.

A foot sprain occurs in the midfoot, which connects the metatarsals to the tarsal bones creating the Lisfranc joint. A Lisfranc or foot sprain at the midfoot is a common ankle injury. Injuries to the midfoot include Lisfranc fractures and a sprain of local ligaments.
The midfoot is a group of five bones including the cuboid, navicular, and first three cuneiforms. The midfoot operates to transition body weight from the foot to the ankle, and a foot sprain can alter this vital process.


Midfoot sprains are a common foot sprain that occurs when the foot or ankle is quickly twisted while the foot is pointing downwards in plantar flexion, creating a sprain of the ligaments of the midfoot.

  • Grade 1- micro-tearing
  • Grade 2- partially torn
  • Grade 3- complete rupture

When there is a midfoot fracture this is known as a Lisfranc fracture. This foot fracture takes months to recover and may require surgery


  • Pain in arch and top of foot pain
  • Swelling and bruising (grade 2 or 3)
  • Pain weight bearing

Treatment- Non-surgical

For Grade 1 and 2 injuries of the foot and ankle conservative therapy including manual therapy and exercise should be a part of a complete rehabilitation program.

Treatments should include:

  • Intrinsic foot exercises and strength training for tibialis posterior and peroneal longus
  • Proprioceptive exercises for injuries ligaments and  foot retinaculum
  • Mobilization of cuboid, navicular and cuneiform joints to return proper movement
  • Restoration of ankle mobility in all axis of motion
  • Integration of compound movements
  • Ballistic and plyometrics (advanced or return to sport)


Like most ankle sprains or foot injuries healing time can take 2-6 weeks for minor injuries and more severe conditions can take 3-6 months to return to full health.

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