Extensor Digitorum Longus:Anatomy, Pain and Exercises

The extensor digitorum longus extends from the front of the fibula, interosseous membrane, and lateral condyle of the tibia (outer edge), runs down the leg under the extensor retinaculum of the ankle to have direct attachments to all toes except the Hallucis (big toe).


The Extensor digitorum longus along with the extensor digitorum brevis muscle provides extension of the outer four digits by thin tendons(toes) and also dorsally lifts (dorsiflexes) the ankle.


The deep peroneal nerve runs deep to the extensor digitorum longus and it pierces the muscle during its course. This point of a common entrapment point creates stiffness and pain.

Extensor Digitorum Longus Pain

The extensor digitorum longus generates pain at either the entrapment site of the deep peroneal nerve or creates top of foot pain because of repetitive overuse injuries of the tendons. This occurs when shoes that are laced up are tied too tightly and are very common in runners.


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