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Chiropractor performing mobile chiropractic in Los AngelesIf you’re looking for a convenient chiropractic service in Los Angeles, consider hiring a mobile chiropractor. These professionals can provide adjustments and treatments right at your doorstep, saving you time and effort. Mobile chiropractors offer personalized care to help alleviate pain and improve overall well-being.

Understanding the Benefits of a Mobile Chiropractor in LA

Tired of wasting time in LA traffic with aching pain? Say goodbye to inconvenient trips to the chiropractor. Dr. Dean brings unique mobile treatment and therapy right to your home or office. Serving most of LA county, including Venice, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Malibu, West Hollywood and more. Schedule today for acute or chronic pain relief. House calls offer a refreshing alternative to traditional care. Feel better now!

Benefits include of an LA Mobile Chiropractor include:

Dr. Dean offers a comprehensive range of services, just like traditional clinics. From spinal adjustments to soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation exercises to ergonomic advice, and lifestyle recommendations – all done with portable equipment. Save time by skipping the commute to a clinic. This is especially great for those with busy schedules or limited mobility. And don’t worry about parking issues that come with visiting a brick-and-mortar clinic. Get personalized treatment plans from experienced mobile chiropractors like Dr. Dean. They’ll thoroughly assess your condition before creating a plan tailored to your unique concerns. Mobile chiropractic care is incredibly convenient for seniors and individuals with disabilities who may struggle to visit traditional clinics. Say goodbye to stress during treatment! Being treated in familiar surroundings helps reduce anxiety associated with unfamiliar clinic environments.

Dr. Dean is a licensed professional with extensive training in chiropractic techniques and numerous specialty training certifications.

neck adjustment on patient with mobile chiropractic services based in Los Angeles.

Best Chiropractor for Mobile Chiropractic in Los Angeles

As the former Director of the Olympic Training Center in China, Dr. Dean has extensive experience and is an expert on sports injuries. Having a mobile clinic is similar to sports medicine. You want relief today and do what you love, like a professional athlete competing.

Get the treatment and assessment you need any day of the week, including weekends! Our flexible hours go beyond the typical 9 am-6 pm schedule. Simply text or call Dr. Dean at 323-354-6077 to book an appointment. Texting is preferred as it allows Dr. Dean to focus on his patients without interruption.

Common Conditions that Benefit from an LA Mobile Chiropractor 

No space is off-limits: home, office, business, or corporate location. Even a tiny room works! Don’t forget to browse our Reviews! Unmatched relaxation awaits you! Night appointments are up for grabs!

Common conditions treated:

  1. Headaches
  2. Neck pain
  3. low back pain, including when sitting
  4. Sciatica
  5. Sports injuries
  6. Nerve injuries and entrapments
  7. Orthopedic injuries such as knee and shoulder pain.
  8. Low force adjustments or no Chiropractic adjustment is required
  9. Pinched nerves
  10. Painful joints
  11. TMJ point
  12. Migraines
  13. Carpal Tunnel
  14. Back Pain

Common treatments and modalities include:

  1. Emergency chiropractic for the working professional
  2. Prenatal Chiropractic care for pregnant women
  3. Post Pregnancy Chiropractic mobile care
  4. Graston Technique
  5. Stretching/ Strengthening
  6. Trigger Point treatment by addressing the neurological entrapment
  7. Fascial Release bodywork

Dr. Justin Dean is the only one I trust my whole family with. NCA is outrageously effective.

Sean Rad

Founder of Tinder

Dr. Dean fixed my chronic tension headaches in a visit and had me SLIVING (slaying + living) in no time!

Paris Hilton

Entrepreneur, DJ, Media Personality

Within 15 seconds of working with him I squatted pain free for the first time in 8 years. Dr. Dean gave me my life back.

Sam Moore

Former Elite Volleyball Player

I have trusted Dr. Dean with my elite athletes and my own nagging injuries! I recommend his services to any athlete looking for support.

Bradford Scott

Head Sports Performance Coach, Atlanta Braves

Chiropractor performing treatment in patients home or office

Dr. Justin Dean and Mobile Chiropractic Services

Since 2020, Dr. Dean has been revolutionizing chiropractic care in California. His clients include top athletes, A-list celebrities, and thriving businesses. Known for his innovative approach, he’s all about delivering fast and lasting results. With the groundbreaking NeuroCentric Approach evaluation, he pinpoints the root cause of pain or discomfort to provide immediate relief. Whether it’s a pinched nerve or neuropathy, Dr. Dean’s holistic chiropractic care is precise and effective every time.

Reach out to Dr. Dean by texting or call 323-354-6077 or email at drjustindean@gmail.com

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