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Running a Marathon in 4 Weeks and Have Achilles Tendon Pain? Try these 2 Exercises!

This past weekend I was teaching my Clinical Audit Process and Dermal Traction Combo course to a group of young students in the Rehab2Performance club at Logan Chiropractic College in St. Louis, Missouri. The entire purpose of my seminar is to teach chiropractors and physical therapists how to obtain dramatic reduction of symptoms in the first 1-3 patient visits.

Key Take Away Points: Achilles Pain Case

  • Pain in one region may be related to irritation/injury in another area of the body.
  • Clinicians must be trained to find these areas and fix them
  • Doctors should do a full body functional exam when assessing and treating any area of the body.

Important Timeline Key Points:

  • Squeezing/ pinching achilles tendon creates tendon pain. [0:04]
  • Bending over backwards creates right sided low back pain with limited range of motion [0:19]
  • Putting pressure on the low back with the prone press-up exercise(cobra from yoga) also created right sided low back pain (same side as the achilles) [0:45]
  • Mobilizing the low back into the limited motion of extension took away the low back pain in cobra position. [0:52]
  • 40 repetitions of the prone press up exercise (cobra from yoga) were performed. Fixyourownback.com is a great resource to learn more! [0:54]
  • Runner had a 40% decrease in Achilles tendon pain [1:00]
  • Runner is in a position of relief targeting the right lower back pain and achilles tendon pain by taking pressure of a irritated nerve in low back. This is known as a static opener that I originally learned from Australian Physiotherapist Michael Shacklock  [1:19]
  • 50-60% reduction of Achilles tendon pain with hopping on one leg. [1:31]
  • Dr. Dean explained to the runner what his 2 home exercises were to relieve his achilles tendon pain. [1:45]
  • Treating tight fascia and muscles in the foot using the Fascial Manipulation Method. [1:56]
  • Runner reports that his achilles pain is 60% after doing exercises to relieve tendon pain and treating tight foot muscles  [2:07]

Achilles Tendon Hurts with Running?

If Traditional Treatment fails, Consider Referral from the Low Back!

This case shows the value of looking beyond the location where the pain is experienced. Running is a complex movement which requires the entire person to be evaluated functionally.

How Long did the Treatment Last? Achilles Tendon Pain be gone

  • 6 hours after treatment- Mild pain the first 2 miles and then pain-free after that! Ran 14 miles total!
  • 1 day after treatment- Ran 4 miles without any achilles pain.
  • 1 week after- Ran 20 miles pain free
    Instagram message from a runner with achilles pain explaining that he no longer has pain with running.
    Instagram message from runner that no longer is experiencing achilles tendon pain. (Shared with Permission)

If you’re experiencing achilles pain with running make sure you have your entire body examined by a qualified doctor or health care provider.

The 2 Ways to Treat your Running Related Achilles Tendon Pain

60% Reduction of Achilles Tendon Pain in 15 Minutes.

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