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Dean’s Sports Therapy is a  Santa Monica Chiropractor with top tier sports medicine services, sports injuries rehabilitation, chronic pain solutions and non-surgical disc herniations treatments. Dr. Dean is the Chiropractor in Santa Monica! If you’re dealing with back pain, headaches or shoulder pain, then you’re in great hands. You will receive personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs without the “come back for the rest of your life” mentality that plagues the chiropractic profession. Treatments generally consist of a through history, movement analysis, testing flexibility of the nerves, and then seek and destroy any scar tissue that may be lingering from past injuries.

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We provide top rated Chiropractic services to:

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If you’re searching for a Chiropractor in Santa Monica, then look no further! Dean’s Sports Therapy serves Santa Monica and surrounding areas with top quality chiropractic treatments, sports rehabilitation, injury assessment and disc herniation treatments. Results Matter is the motto and each patient receives personalized treatment plan. Regardless if you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior or soccer mom, DST has something for you.  No cookie cutter approaches, only results.